Hey friends...happy new year, sure we all did had a fabulous 2015 , it was indeed one of the most amazing years, a year of recovery, an awakening for some others, but, right before us another greater year presents  itself to us, and it has come with colourful packaged opportunities, and what we do with this opportunities is solely our responsibility,  it’s another new year...another new beginning and most likely another new episodes of new fresh and early as it is, this is the right time to kick the ball and set the drums’s that time of making great decisions, springinging out fresh ideas and setting them on a rollercoaster..... Every now and then we make adequate and very innovative plans but implementing them to get an eye popping result becomes the puzzle. Now let’s get on board and fasten our seat belts as we proceed on our flight to our dream land.... however as we are getting set to take off, it’s necessary that we have a need, a burning passion for change, a hunger for innovation, now with this on, we have set our human mind on motion and so many inventive ideas will fly in, lets capture them and run with it as far as we can......................that’s the power of creativity.

Now have you ever taught about something or believed you can re -invent something out from the ordinary, have you ever looked steady on something and possibly thought out a solution or way out, that’s the power of creativity, NOW, a creative person believes the possibility in every impossible, he sees the silver lining in every dark cloud, and the sweetness in that soured and bitter taste,  a creative mind thinks fast, then produce what he has thought, now coming back to you my friends, what is that little tiny idea that has always crept into your heart, or that feeling of confidence that u can possibly bring a solution to that problem.

Having said this, we are going to look at the few ways of bringing that tiny little idea to reality. For me here are a few steps I have tried and its super result we go....


Believe in yourself;  Believing in yourself is one powerful tool of becoming who you want to be, when you believe in yourself, you tend to stretch beyond your limits even when nobody believes you, that’s a great start for success and progress. It will sure come to a point when it looks all bleak, and topsy-turvy, but a consolation from you will do the magic. When you don’t get to see the inner strength in you, automatically you give room for doubt, either from you or from the world. When you believe in yourself, you are familiar with yourself, you know your strengths and weakness, and how much you can absorb things no matter how challenging they are. You have to strongly believe in yourself for you to be able to take 100% accountability of the consequences that will come with your actions or decisions. One of the major reasons people fail is that they lose the confidence and back out from consequences thus blaming it on it wasn’t the right idea after all.


Passion; I have always been a very passionate person and passionate to the point that i want to influence things around me positively, now i hate it when things depreciate or lose its value, am confidence that we can re- stir that taste even far more better if we are passionate and confident that something good can still come out of the sour taste. Now i crave for that special thing, in that thing, or that person that the person or thing does not even know he or she has inside, which when trigged or influenced will be of an added advantage. There’s an unlimited component in every person or thing that makes them inexhaustible except you don’t recognise what’s more inside. i remember vividly the first time i saw disposed rubber bottles recycled into useful paper bags, i was so thrilled and impressed that i affirmed, nothing actually is a waste.....


Carve a niche; (Give your idea a face);  Another way of discovering your strength is to pay attention to what you do differently,  identify your unique point and turn it to your greatest asset, uniformity however creates a sense of belonging and identifies you with others but it kills creativity and innovation, so this means for you to stand out, you have to give your idea a unique identity that will stand out and sell you too in that crowd, then after all said and done, we all need not to forget to be consistent


Consistency is the sure way to advancement, “for a  man having a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of hands to rest, surely, poverty comes in like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man. It’s quite obvious that what measures how far you will attain is how consistent you are in your dealings, so let’s take the bull by the horn and make that idea worthwhile. Having said all, I believe we won’t just relax and watch that idea fiddle away; it’s just about that time of meeting up right on time! Happy New Year!!



Uche Ahubelem